Different Parts Of The Electronic Cigarette To Be Checked Before Purchase

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated inhaler that converts a liquid solution present in the cartridge into smoke providing the feel of smoking. The liquid solution comprises of nicotine as a major component which provides somewhat similar taste as that of smoking a conventional cigarette. There are various smokers who are considering this alternative so as to quit smoking.

However, they face issues in purchasing an e-cigarette due to lack of knowledge. Having an understanding of the various parts of the device will help you in getting the best product. There are mainly three components in an e-cigarette. It comprises of a mouthpiece known as a cartridge that acts as a liquid reservoir, an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid solution and a rechargeable battery.


A cartridge is a small container made up of plastic. It mainly acts as a reservoir of liquid and mouthpiece. The liquid from this reservoir passes into the atomizer and the vapors from atomizer passes to the mouth of the user. There are no chances of leakage of liquid into the mouth of the user as there is a separate tank for the liquid and it connects to the atomizer with a different tunnel.


An atomizer is a part of the e-cigarette which is responsible for converting the liquid into vapors. It comprises of a heating coil with a simple filament and silica wick that draws the liquid. This part of the cigarette is placed centrally forming the cigarette cylinder. It requires cleaning from time to time as the sediments get build up due to the remains left in the vaporization process.


The electronic cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and is considered as the most important part of the device. The battery is provided by an airflow sensor which is activated by drawing the breath. There are some models that contain a power switch. In order to use the cigarette the users need to hold this switch. You can check whether the device is working or not by examining the LED which generally glows when the device is turned on or in use.

The customers are also required to have some information regarding the e-liquid so that they can get the right one as per their smoking needs.

The e-liquid generally comprises of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol 400 which is mixed with certain flavors. It also comprises of a fixed percentage of liquid nicotine. While purchasing the electronic cigarette for the first time, the users get a filled cartridge but they need to get a new one when it finishes. You can get cartridges in different flavors like menthol, coffee, vanilla, regular tobacco, fruits and much more.

So, these are some points about the different parts of electronic cigarettes which should be checked by the customers before purchasing the device.