China replied to India’s objection on the new map

standard map of china

On August 28, China released a new map and called this map the “standard map’ of China“. Let us tell you that in this map, China has once again shown Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as part of the Chinese border. Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had said in an interview with a private channel that by making absurd claims, other people’s territory does not become yours, and Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has also opposed the claim made in China’s new map. But in response to this interview, China’s Foreign Ministry has responded to India’s protest.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that on August 28, the Ministry of Natural Resources released the Standard Map of China 2023, and it is a regular practice under the sovereignty process according to Chinese law. Wang Wenbin said that we expect the relevant parties to deal with this issue calmly and refrain from over-interpreting it.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said, China’s expansionism is not stopping at Taiwan only. China is expanding its power through ‘grey zone activity’ in East and South China Sea and also wants to prove its aggressive territorial claims. Gray zone activity can be called a kind of small war. China is engaged in securing all the ports so that the army can be used in the Indian Ocean in the future.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the “unification” of Taiwan will be complete. And considers Taiwan as a province separated from itself and feels that that Taiwan will come under the control of China one day or the other. Whereas Taiwan considers itself an independent country, which has its own constitution and government of elected leaders.

Recently, a committee of the British Parliament called Taiwan an independent country. In this matter, the Chinese Foreign Ministry was questioned and Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in response to this question- “Taiwan is an integral part of China.” He said the report of the British Parliament is not based on facts and is misleading the people. One China Policy is recognized internationally. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that we will ask the British Parliament committee to respect international laws and the One China Policy.

After all, what is there on the new map of China?

While sharing the new map of China, Global Times wrote, “China’s 2023 standard map has been released on Monday. This map has been launched on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and this map has been made on the basis of the drawing methods of China and other countries in the world.

The Hindustan Times said in its report: Satellite data shows that China is strengthening its military presence in the Aksai Chin area, and data from Maxar Technologies shows that the Chinese army is occupying 15 square kilometers of Aksai Chin. The military is carrying out construction at six places in the area. China has claimed Arunachal Pradesh many times before, and in April 2023, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China also approved the renaming of 11 places in Arunachal Pradesh and claimed 90 thousand square kilometers of land in Arunachal Pradesh. Even then, India had opposed this step by China. India says that China has illegally occupied 38 thousand square kilometers of Aksai Chin in the west.

China has released this map at a time when PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping met a few days ago during the BRICS conference. And the leaders of both countries also talked about solving the border dispute.

Let us tell you that the distance between India and China has increased after the violent clash in Galvan Valley in 2020. China has released the map at a time when the G-20 meeting is going to be held in Delhi on September 9–10. Ever since China released this map, the possibility of Jinping coming to the G-20 conference has become impossible. According to the report in the Deccan Herald, China has not yet confirmed Jinping’s visit to India.


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