Chandrayaan-3: Pragyan Rover has been put to sleep for 15 days

On Saturday, ISRO said that the rover has completed its work and has now been safely parked and set in sleep mode for 14–15 days. Because night is going to fall on the moon soon.
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Chandrayaan-3 sent the first scientific data from the South Pole of the Moon

The thermal probe of the Lander Vikram recorded how the temperature changes on the surface of the moon and in the depths near the surface. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said the Lunar Surface Thermophysical Experiment measures the temperature profile of the upper soil of the moon around the pole to understand the behavior of the lunar surface.
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ISRO: PM Modi meets scientists at the ISRO command center

PM Modi Meets Scientists
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to India today after visiting a foreign country and has directly reached Bengaluru. And he said, I could not help myself because I was not in the country at that time, but I decided to go to Bangalore first thing on reaching India and meet our scientists.
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