ISRO: PM Modi meets scientists at the ISRO command center

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to India today after visiting a foreign country and has directly reached Bengaluru. And he said, I could not help myself because I was not in the country at that time, but I decided to go to Bangalore first thing on reaching India and meet our scientists.

PM Modi Meets Scientists

As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached ISRO’s command center, he hugged ISRO Chief S. Somnath and also patted his back. After reaching Bengaluru, PM Narendra Modi, while addressing the people, said that I was not able to stop myself after such a big achievement by scientists abroad. I was eager to reach my country as soon as possible, hug the scientists, and congratulate them. While addressing the people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the slogans Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan, and Jai Anusandhan.

Pragyan has walked eight meters so far. Scientists told me that the Chandrayaan-3 mission is working successfully, and after landing from the Vikram lander, the rover Pragyan has walked eight meters on the moon so far, and all the parameters of the vehicle are working perfectly. Let us tell you that on August 23, at 6.04 p.m., the lander Vikram successfully landed at the south pole of the moon.


According to ISRO, the objective of Chandrayaan-3 was to make a safe and soft landing of the Vikram Lander on the lunar surface, which has been successful. The Pragyan Rover was to be shown running on the surface of the moon; that too has been successful. There will be three machines with Vikram Lander and two machines with Pragyan Rover. Whatever information the rover gets, it will send it to the lander, and the lander will send this information to ISRO. Lander and rover machines will detect water and minerals present on the surface of the moon. And their job will also be to find out whether there is an earthquake on the moon or not.

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