Taiwan-China War: Why is China so scared of the Vice President of Taiwan?

william lai

Who is William Lai ?

Also known as Lai Ching-Tey. William Lai is the Vice President of Taiwan, and he is the strongest contender for the presidential election to be held in 2024. He served as a legislator in the Legislative Yuan from 1999 to 2010, and as the Mayor of Tainan from 2010 to 2017, before taking office as the Prime Minister of Taiwan. Lai challenged Tsai in the 2019 Democratic Progressive Party presidential primary election and, after her defeat, served as President Tsai Ing-wen’s running mate in the 2020 Taiwan presidential election, making Lai the Vice President of Taiwan. In April 2023, Lai was nominated as the Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential candidate for the 2024 Taiwan presidential election.

Taiwan presidential election 2024

Presidential elections are about to be held in Taiwan, and China has started targeting William Lai (Lai Ching-Te), the strongest candidate for the Taiwanese presidency. Those who have recently traveled to America. China fears it could lead to a possible war if William Lai is sworn in as Taiwanese president in January. But these warnings are just threats. China is attacking Lai because he is intelligent, and China’s foreign ministry reported William Lai’s visits to New York and San Francisco this month.

Strong message given to China without naming

William Lai said that with the support from around the world, it is clear that Taiwan is now an important member of the international community. And he left no stone unturned to convey the message to China without naming it, and he said that when there is peace in the Taiwan Strait, there is peace in the world. Lai spoke about Taiwan’s path from dictatorship to democracy as well as the small island’s remarkable economic and technological achievements. He has pledged to support other democracies under attack and pointed to Taiwan’s widespread aid to Ukraine since last year’s Russian invasion. He called on all Taiwanese to stand united.

William Lai put China on all fours

Lai said that Taiwan is already a sovereign, independent country called the Republic of China and is not a part of the People’s Republic of China. We all should accept this fact. Lai took other steps to limit the things Beijing could complain about during his visit to the US. Lai did not meet with any Biden administration officials other than those representing the American Institute in Taiwan, Washington’s informal diplomatic outpost.

William Lai talks about defending Taiwan

Lai said that our goal is to protect Taiwan and promote prosperity. And told the people of Taiwan to breathe the air of freedom. To reach our goals, Lai said, we must stand united in solidarity, both domestically and internationally. William Lai reiterated Tsai’s policies word for word. In a Bloomberg interview, Lai categorically stated that he has no intention of seeking formal independence if elected president.


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